At St Giles, we welcome a diverse range of pupils with special educational needs from the ages of 3-19, and custom build the learning experience around each individual. We strive to give each of our pupils a solid foundation for lifelong learning, supplying them with skills and experience that will equip them throughout their lives.

In preparation for adult life St Giles School provides a happy, caring and stimulating environment. We work in partnership with the family, community and external professionals, with the aim of meeting individual needs, encouraging independence and supporting all pupils to achieve their full potential. Health, Social and Educational care are combined at St Giles so that the pupils’ experience is as supportive and rewarding as possible.

Communication between parents, carers and teachers is valued at St Giles; regular contact helps us to ensure that this partnership supports pupils in their personal development. Interaction between home and school through a home school diary, our Parent And Carer Exchange (PACE) and termly reviews ensure every child’s progress is closely monitored and celebrated. We want parents to feel equally supported in all aspects of their child’s life.