Head Teacher’s Message


Karen Halford

Mrs. Karen Halford

Head Teacher

On behalf of the staff, pupils and Governors of St Giles School, I would like to welcome and encourage you to browse our website. I hope you will gain an insight into the school, what we can offer and what we are striving to achieve.

Our Shared Aims:

  • To provide access to a broad and balanced pupil-centred curriculum that is relevant to the needs of every pupil to prepare them for their life by developing the skills and abilities essential for independent adult living
  • To promote a safe, caring, stimulating and challenging environment that gives positive encouragement to all, and recognises and values the contributions of all its members
  • To encourage the development of self-confidence, self-respect, responsibility and self-reliance, together with an awareness of and a sensitivity to the needs of others
  • These aims are best achieved through a close working relationship between home and school.

It has been my pleasure during my first term as Head teacher, to be part of such a vibrant school community.  We have had an action packed spring term with many Enrichment, Creative Learning and Charity Events. I am very proud that as a school community we value teaching our pupils to offer support and help others. We have also had many Parental Involvement Activities which have included ‘Wiki’ Training and Literacy ‘Engage to Create’ workshops.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to the Friends of St Giles for their tireless efforts in raising funds on behalf of our students. All of their hard work happens quietly behind the scenes but we all recognise the significant positive impact their work has on the learning opportunities we are able to offer here at St Giles.

Summer Term:

As a school we value celebrating all your children’s experiences and achievements and we are constantly looking for different ways of sharing these events and successes with you. We are in the early stages of developing a new school website that will enable us to quickly and easily share both information and celebration with you. We are very excited about the opportunities a new school website will create and we will keep you informed as it progresses.