Health and Safety policy

Policy Statement

As the Head Teacher I recognise my responsibility for giving effect to the Head of Children’s Services safety policy on the protection of all school staff, and any other persons such as pupils and members of the public liable to be affected by the operations and activities of my school.

In association with the Governing Body, I will manage the health and safety functions of the school to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, injuries to any person as a result of the operations of the school. This will be achieved by provision of safe premises and equipment, together with effective management of the activities over which I exercise control. Applying the principles of risk management I will ensure that any necessary risk control measures are introduced and maintained.

So far as it is reasonable, I will ensure that staff designated with health and safety responsibilities are competent to achieved the aims prescribed by the LA.

It is equally the duty of all school staff to cooperate with the Head Teacher and Governing Body to ensure the safety of themselves, co-employees, pupils and other persons, liable to be affected by their activities at work and adhere to the operational procedures prescribed for the school.

Head Teachers Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities assigned to Head Teachers under Section 4 of the Education Department’s Safety Policy, the Head shall also be responsible for ensuring, so far is reasonably practical, all health and safety matters affecting the operations and activities of the school, including those organised on behalf of the school but being undertaken away from the school site. To do this effectively the Head Teacher will work with the Governing Body and keep them fully informed of the Local Authorities policies affecting the health, safety and welfare of staff, pupils and other persons of their responsibility.

The Head Teacher will therefore:

  • take day-to-day responsibility for all health and safety matters in the operations of the school
  • ensure effective communications on health and safety matters exist between the school and the Education Department’s Coordinator
  • coordinate work with the Governing Body and the LA to achieve standards and procedures prescribed for the health and safety
  • provide Governors with an annual report on all matters affecting health and safety in the school
  • together will school staff, assess and control the risks to health and safety of all persons from hazards within the school and any other of its activities, wherever they are undertaken
  • provide equipment and articles for the school that are adequate for their intended use, are correctly serviced and properly maintained
  • ensure hazardous materials and substances are properly used, stored and disposed of
  • maintain first aid facilities and accident reporting schemes that are suitable for the school
  • attend the school’s health and safety training of staff and arrange its delivery
  • bring to the attention of the Governing Body and LA any matters of health and safety that cannot be resolved, or are of imminent danger of any person
  • liaise with contractors, or their representative undertaking any works on the school site, to ensure the safety of all persons exposed
  • ensure LA guidance on fire precautions and fire safety in school is implemented and complied
  • cooperate with accredited safety representatives appointed by recognised Trade Unions in accordance with the LA agreement
  • keep the schools health and safety policy under review and bringing any amendments to the notice of all staff
  • the Head Teacher will be advised and guided in these responsibilities by specialists appointed by the LA

Head of Learning Pathways’ Responsibilities

  • all health and safety matters of the school in absence of the Head Teacher
  • reporting to the Head Teacher any problems, or imminent danger associated with their responsibility as soon as it practicable to do so
  • ensuring that all equipment provided for the school is adequate for its intended use, is safe and correctly serviced, and properly maintained
  • withdrawing from use any unsafe equipment, its proper repair and where necessary its correct disposal

School Business Manager

  • initiating the necessary action to remedy defects in the school buildings and grounds (e.g. heating, lighting and play equipment)
  • liaising with building works PFI and LA specialist to ensure the safety of staff and pupils on school premises
  • ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety and health provisions and procedures affecting ground maintenance contractors are adhered to

Site Manager

  • ensuring so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety and health provisions and procedures affecting cleaning contractor are adhered to
  • that cleaning materials and equipment liable to be a danger to pupils, or staff are correctly used and properly stored when not in use
  • that all waste materials from the school are disposed of in accordance with the LA policy
  • maintain a clean and effective boiler area, including the safe storage and delivery of fuels necessary
  • maintain a high standard of housekeeping
  • reporting to the Head Teacher any problem, or imminent danger associated with his responsibilities, as soon as it is practicable to do so

All Employees

  • as employees, all members of staff have a duty in law to work safely and not put other persons at risk, and also to cooperate with the Head Teacher and the LA to ensure that responsibilities placed upon them as employers are, so far as is necessary, complied with
  • all staff are encouraged to participate in improving health and safety within the school by making suggestions on these matters to the Head Teacher, and to foster safety consciousness and good practice amongst all pupils and other employees

First Aid

  • any incidents, accidents or injuries, however slight (i.e. issuing a plaster) must be recorded at the time. The accident book is stored in the office
  • any accident in school or on school journeys, college etc. must be communicated to parents via the home-school diary or by telephone
  • if a child is taken to hospital the parents/guardians must be informed immediately along with the SLT
  • any injury/incident resulting in a hospital/GP visits for child or staff must be filled in on an accident form. This should be filled in as soon as possible following the incident
  • any spillages of blood, vomit, etc. should be wiped up wearing gloves, using paper towels where possible. These should be disposed of in clinical waste (nappy bags) ready sealed in plastic bags
  • finally contaminated areas should be cleared using bleach solution
  • water only should be used to clean wounds
  • antiseptic wipes and eyewash solution may only be used where tap water is not available i.e. minibuses/school visits
  • any queries regarding medication or requests for medication by older children must be referred to the school nurse
  • supplementary items such as gloves, tweezers, bleach tablets, blunt scissors etc. are available from the school nurse or first aiders
  • Minor incidents requiring first aid but no further medical attention should be recorded on the minor incident form
  • any violent incident causing injury to STAFF or CHILDREN MUST be recorded on a violent incident form (SR3/5)
  • a list of notifiable injuries and illnesses are available from the school nurse
  • first aid boxes will be checked by the first aiders monthly and stock lists within the boxes filled
  • should you use any stock please let the first aiders know so that the boxes can be restocked

Governor’s roles and responsibilities

  • to ensure the LA policy on Health and Safety is followed
  • to carry out a Health and Safety inspection at least once a year
  • are responsible for Health and Safety matters arising from the school’s delegated budget
  • must prepare a Health and Safety policy

Reviewed: March 2014