Executive Head Teacher: Donna Chambers
Interim Head of School: Matt Rooney
Tel: 01777 703683
Email: head@st-giles.notts.sch.uk

Key Stage 2


“… continuing the journey …”

Our Primary Department sees the journey from Key Stage 1 into Key Stage 2 as a continuation and building of the important learning journey that started for your child in EYFS. The successes and learning gained in Key Stage 1 will be developed further through a continued environment of support, encouragement and an increased focus on independence; academically and socially. Our Key Stage 2 department is lively, engaging and stimulates learning through the adaptation of the curriculum to meet each student’s needs and personalised learning style. In this way, our students continue to make good to outstanding progress and fulfil their potential.

In a similar way to Key Stage 1, students in our Key Stage 2 Department follow the National Curriculum (NC), which is differentiated as necessary to meet their individual learning styles and needs. Our Key Stage 2 curriculum continues to have a tailor made cycle containing three different approaches to learning; a more cognitive approach based on NC 2014, a sensory approach for our more profoundly disabled pupils, based upon communication and the more sensory and physical approaches to learning and development and a “life skills” curriculum for pupils to develop their self-help and independence skills through the specialised and kinaesthetic delivery of the curriculum. Broad topics within a four year cycle, ensure that each pathway can adapt learning to needs. The pathways may meet and merge as necessary to ensure the learning needs of the student are met at any stage of learning.

Individual targets for each student are set each term and progress is assessed and monitored on a regular basis in partnership with parents wherever possible. Throughout the school, the Solar ™ online assessment tool is used to monitor progress following a teacher’s structured planning, setting appropriate targets throughout the P Levels and National Curriculum levels.

Other members of the school and wider team such as Personal Care Assistants, Midday Supervisors and colleagues from other disciplines such as Health Care Professionals, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Paediatric care support, behavioural support including CAMHs and the educational fields’ (Educational Psychology) all work collectively to support each pupil. This ensures that a holistic approach to your child’s learning can be assured.

June 2017

Please find a link below to the Year 6 Pupil Progress Data:

2016 17 Y 6 Pupil Progress Data


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