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Week Five

Visitors Galore!

This week, we’ve had a real community focus, meeting parents, friends and colleagues from our wider school community.

To start the week off, I met with Christopher West, the new Principal of Retford Oaks. We toured the school and I met some staff and students. It was great to have a look around and begin exploring possibilities of future partnership work and initiatives, the first being a combined ‘Act of Remembrance’ on 11 November.

I’m already looking forward Chris’ return visit this coming week. I know that Chris will enjoy sharing our pupils’ learning, seeing how hard we work and meeting with pupils and staff alike.

All students have begun to explore black history, as part of our focused history projects celebrating Black History Month. This week we have been thinking about the impact that Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. had on their communities and the wider world.

“Never under estimate the power of dreams and influence of the human spirit”. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” and “It always seems impossible, until it’s done” are famous quotes from the three people we have been learning about, but who said each famous line?

Wednesday saw our first parents’ hub of the new school year. It was great to be joined by a mix of parents of new pupils, as well as those whose children have been at school for some time!

We discussed the overview of our 2019-20 School Improvement Plan. Parents felt the plan was positive and that it built on the significant progress we made last year. Parents had some great questions about school trips, the new curriculum and how we prepared pupils for their next steps. We also talked about the school’s ideas on an improved coffee shop offer, which could, in time create internship and employment opportunities for our students. I was pleased to see parent’s sharing our excitement for our new take on the coffee shop provision.

We finalised the parent partnership plan for the year ahead and have a comprehensive programme of support and training planned. It was also lovely to hear parents talking together about what they wanted from our school in the future. As a result we will be exploring a family fun day, sports day and opportunities for pupils and their families to make the most of our wonderful facilities outside of the school day.

On Thursday were joined by 25 SENCOs from Nottinghamshire nursery settings who are currently working towards their SENCO award. They spent time in classes, seeingfirst-hand how we ensure children and young people with SEND learn and thrive.

The feedback we have begun to receive from the participants has been truly wonderful and is testament to the hard work of our staff. Here’s a snippet of one: “Hi Matt,  St Giles has embedded its values in record time and I was totally convinced by the school’s DREAMS mantra by midday.  The culture of high aspiration is evident in all of the staff, children & the environment. I know displays are important to you & we enjoyed St Giles’ thoroughly; great that the children have exposure to literary texts, artists & politics! Learning and happiness was infectious! Holding you all in the highest regard for the incredible work you do.”

Congratulations to Bradley, Jayden, Mason, Ryan and Tyler, who received Head of School awards this week, for their exceptional achievements!!

Thanks for sharing your #LookForABook pictures, it’s great to see them around and about in our local community. Not sure who hid one in the cafe at Morrisons, but it’s been enjoyed by a member of the public already! Thanks also for the wonderful feedback about our new book bags.

Have a great weekend!