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Week Seven

A week of trips and talents

It’s been great seeing our pupils heading off in to the wider world this week. Pupils have been auditioning for the Christmas Show, in our very own version of Britain’s Got Talent. Cllr Simon Greaves, the Leader of the Bassetlaw District Council has spent a morning in school. Jason Steel, the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) from Retford Oaks meet with Leaders to sketch out plans for some exciting partnerships that will develop over the coming year.

As part of our Literacy work, the school has been study texts based on farms. Oak Class visited White Post Farm in Farnsfield. Our pupils had a great time as they explored the sights, smells and feels of the whole farm. From holding chicks, to stroking reptiles, to feeding some of the cheeky llamas,  there was something for everyone.

As well as meeting the animals, our pupils (and staff!) explored the indoor and outdoor play areas and enjoyed a bite to eat together in the picnic area.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw the first ever ‘St Giles’ Got Talent’ auditions in school. I was absolutely blown away by the confidence and pride of pupils, as they performed for the judging panel.

There was a footballing duo, an artist, and solo singers who performed songs from Take That, Pitch Perfect and Shrek. It was just incredible!! I’m not going to say too much more, as I don’t wan to spoil the surprise of this year’s Christmas show spectacular!

Our Post 16 student have also been attracting attention to themselves whilst out and about this week! Anna, who studies catering at our community cafe in Retford, was praised this week by a customer, from making the ‘best mocha in Retford’! Whilst JT, at student attending a joinery course at North Notts College, was celebrated by the college for his ‘Outstanding joinery skills’, as shown by making a perfect wooden table.

This week I was hugely privileged to spend some time with a couple of our pupils from Cedar class, where I had the chance to brush up on my ‘Intensive Interaction’ (II) skills.  II is a way of working with the child’s brain using signals with which it is so familiar that they do not trigger sensory distortions or sensitivities. It uses the child’s own body language to build up emotional engagement.

Phoebe Cauldwell, a leading experts in II says, “It begins with observation. What is this child doing? What are they focusing on? You need to look not only at their face, but all their bodily behaviour. Are they scratching their hands, wriggling their feet? We also need to look at any activities that focus on a particular aspect of the world outside themselves.

These repetitive behaviours are more than just ‘comforting’. They are the language that the brain understands as significant without having to go through elaborate processing: their sounds or images or feelings seem to be hard-wired in. You use these behaviours to gain access to the child’s attention, rather in the same way as we use a smart card. Once we have the correct pin number we have no difficulty getting in to their account.”

I was very pleased with the results!!

Congratulations to Anna, Cherry, JT and Paige , who received Head of School awards this week, for their exceptional achievements!

Have a great 2 weeks with your families! Can’t wait to see you all on 4 November!!