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Latest News

Weeks Eight and Nine (Half-term)

A not so quiet 2 weeks!

As with any school holiday, there is always something going on in school. This half-term is no exception. We’ve a a re-jig of our direct access outdoor space on the Retford Oaks side of the school. The means that we have increased them amount of space our young discovers and explorers can access, as part of their learning.

We have also invested in some fabulous pieces of equipment to help pupils to play, explore, learn, create and think critically. With one piece of equipment really capturing my attention!!

We have now completed the overhaul of the school hall’s lighting and sound equipment. This means that can now create intense, immersive environments on a large scale. We are now creating colours and shapes with lights, that are evoking brilliant responses from our pupils. Our new Bose surround sound system means that we are now able to create the most amazing soundscapes too!!

A group of #TeamStGlies staff were lucky enough to attend a two-day master class on a fabulous approach for working with people with autism, in a systematic way to increase independent engagement.

The approach is called ‘Attention Autism’ and the course as lead its creator, and world-leading authority on Autism.

I felt privileged to be able to attend alongside a fab team of St Giles teachers and teaching assistants to learn first-hand to really exciting approach. It’s based on set stages of interaction that promotes pupil-initiated responses.

Following the training and in an overexcited ‘change-the-world’ state, I bought loads of new and exciting interaction stimulating toys from amazon!! It was a real challenge to prize them away from my own children to bring to school!!