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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium

Please find below the Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium Table



Draft due to pending Governor approval

Number of Pupils in Y7 2017-18Y7 Literacy and Numeracy catch up Premium
9Will be confirmed in March 2018
As part of our pupil progress analysis students are identified as not meeting their expected rate of progress then interventions are designed to best support them make accelerated progress individual tuition. The intervention team deliver this support and comprise of a specialist SEN Teacher and Two TA 4/5s. Examples of their support are: - Literacy - Numeracy - Independent learning - Resilience - Emotional intelligence.Models of delivery: - Additional support to access specific learning opportunities with their class. - One to one teaching. - Small group teaching - Training teaching assistant to deliver interventions alongside the learning being delivered in class. - Accessing the community to support transferring skills learnt in school. Based on Research and guidance from: Education Endowment Foundation: Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants Guidance Report Jonathan Sharples, Rob Webster and Peter Blatchford. Teaching and Learning Tool Kit EEF on behaviour interventions and social Emotional Learning.
How do we monitor the impact of the interventions teams support?
All pupils’ progress is monitored three time a year against expected targets set every Autumn term. Individual pupil’s progress is then discussed with teachers and the AHT every term. The intervention Team provide a report linked to the progress that pupils they have supported have made. As a consequence of these discussions interventions are continued, adapted or concluded.