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Safeguarding and the Prevent Strategy

Safeguarding Statement – St Giles School

At St Giles School, the health, safety and well-being of every child and young person is our priority.  We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell us.  In addition to this we recognise that the vast majority of our pupils are unable to communicate with us using formal methods of communication, we therefore monitor very carefully what our children tell us through non-verbal communication methods.  Our aim is that every pupil and young person enjoys their time at St Giles School and is able to thrive in a safe, caring, stimulating environment.

At St Giles School we take our Safeguarding responsibilities very seriously.  This means that we have ensured that everyone working in the school has successfully completed the necessary clearances and undertaken safeguarding training as part of their induction to enable them to work with pupils.  It also means that we have senior staff members who are specifically trained in Child Protection procedures and are designated teachers for child protection.  In order to provide the very best, relevant training for all staff, our leadership team are fully trained in delivering safeguarding training with a focus on safeguarding children with disabilities.  We have a wide range of policies which ensure that we are in line with current safeguarding practices.

On rare occasions our concern about a child may mean we have to consult other agencies, such as MASH (multi agency Safeguarding Hub) Early Help for Family Support, the Police or Social Care.  The procedures we follow have been laid down by Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership.

By working closely with everyone concerned, we firmly believe that we will continue to offer a safe learning environment for all our learners.

Designated Teachers for Safeguarding are:

Kirstie Passmore – Assistant Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ally Smith – Assistant Head Teacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Matt Rooney – Designated Teacher

Charles Savage – IEB Safeguarding Lead

Local Authority Designated Officer – LADO – Eva Callaghan (who is based at Meadow House)

Safeguarding and the Prevent Strategy

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