St Giles School – KS3 Curriculum


In KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9), pupils will be taught through a thematic approach. A different topic will be selected each term and linked to as many subjects as possible to make the learning meaningful. The timetable includes the following subjects:

English, Maths, Science, Computing, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education (PSHCE), Humanities (Geography and History), Swimming, Design and Technology, PE, Drama, Music, Food Technology, Reading, Religious Education, Modern Foreign Languages and Life Skills.

We have a 3-year rolling programme in KS3. Different topics are covered through the National Curriculum and offer a broad and balanced curriculum offer and allows for progression each year.

Pupils will work towards different AQA units in particular subjects and will follow either ‘Key Steps’ or the ‘New Horizons’ ASDAN award. The KS3 SLD groups have one teacher for the majority of their lessons to provide continuity and specific teachers for specialist subjects.

KS3 and KS4

In addition to the above we offer all KS3 pupils in KS3 & KS4 the opportunity to put their skills or learning into practice by taking part in a ‘Life Skills Day’. Here the KS3 classes joins the KS4 classes to help them progress with their social skills. The day encompasses travelling to the local supermarket; buying the food/ingredients that the students will then prepare and cook for their lunch. The pupils also lay the tables, eat all together with the staff and then clear away and wash up afterwards. 

Themes – Secondary (KS3)

Please note – the themes can be linked to as many different subjects as possible. The main links identified are: English, Maths, Computing, Science, Humanities, Art, DT, RE and PSHCE. The themes may not fit into all subjects however where they do fit, the learning is meaningful to all learners.